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Sweet Red Vermouth (750 ml)


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Fermentation and maceration on the skins in open top vats. Once the fermentation is complete it is lightly filtered and is racked to 500L & 600L neutrak barrels where the wine is macerated with a blend of 120 different herbs recovered from a recipe that the Agricola Falset Marça used over 100 years ago. The maceration is a year long, at which point the wine is sweetened with current vintage must and racked into 100 year old wooden vats that have been used by the Agricola since its founding. No caramel or artificial flavors are added.


The wine is aged 30,000L 100 year old vats that the Agricola has used and maintained since its founding. The wine is aged on average for three years in these vats before being bottled. The vermouth is bottled in small quantities and the vats are continuously refilled, similar in style to a solera.