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Cream Top Plain Yogurt (32oz)


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Most milk available to bulk purchasers (like a company keen on making yogurt) comes from many different farms, each with several of different breeds of cows, mixed together on the transport truck long before it reaches the processing facility. In our quest to make the perfect cup of yogurt, we needed to find a milk that was naturally higher quality than the comingled milk coming from modern suppliers, with most of the breeds focused on quantity over quality.

With the distinct flavor and natural characteristics of Jersey milk, we’ve found a truely unique milk for our yogurt. In order to get the milk we want, we pick it up from the farms in the morning with our own milk hauler and deliver it fresh to the creamery, to be processed that same day.

By keeping things small scale, we can say our 100% Jersey yogurt is the best yogurt you can make with cows milk…