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Cerveceria Monstruo De Agua (12 oz)

by Nochtli

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We are a microbrewery from Mexico City (CDMX) renown for our Cervezas Híbridas that express the great bio-cultural diversity of the Mexican terroir through the use of ingredients typical of its culinary and herbalist culture.

¿Why “Monstruo de Agua”?
Because we were inspired by an amphibian autochthonous to the Valley of Mexico named axolote, Mexican slang for axolotl which in Nahuatl (the Aztec language) literally means “water monster”.

¿Why Mexican ingredients?

Craft beer in Mexico has always been imported styles made from imported malts and hops, we wanted to do things a little differently. With the use of local ingredients and an ethnobotanical approach we search and strive for an authentic Mexican craft beer identity: not just made in Mexico, but made from Mexico. We seek to empower Mexican farmers that follow agroecological-regenerative practices by integrating them into our value chain. This, since we believe that they play a pivotal role in the conservation of our ecosystems. Since 2013
“Monstruo de Agua, Mexican beers made from Mexico.”